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5 Creative Ways to Reuse and Start Growing

Posted on March 7th, 2018

5 Creative Ways to Reuse and Start Growing

If you want to start growing a garden but are very environmentally conscious and would rather find new and creative ways to reuse old junk items to start growing your garden, then you have come to the right place.

There are quite a few creative and imaginative ways you can reuse old items to create a stunning and functional garden easily and affordably.


Pots are always a good item to use in a garden, especially if you take the time to reimagine them and use them to create a statement and focal point for your garden.

Jars and Pots: You can use jars or pots that can then be attached to a board to create a piece for the garden that is ideal for holding succulents.

Old antique planters are also a great idea and are sure to add a bit more character to space. If there is a little rust on the planter, don’t worry about it. The rust will only add to the charm of the piece.


Finding old items around the home that you can reuse and make into something else are always good.

Old Chairs: if you have an old chair laying around you can easily spruce it up with a new coat of paint and remove the seat and use it for a very creative and eye-catching planter for the front patio.

Make sure to fill it with some colorful flowers and paint the chair in a vibrant color to add some beauty to what may be a drab space.

Soup Cans: Need to find a new use for those soup cans that have been sitting in the recycling bin? Clean them out and decorate them with twine or burlap and turn them into stunning hanging plant holders and display them proudly on the porch.

Dress Things Up

You can also dress up some other older stuff you have laying around and want to repurpose. A dresser makes a good foundation for some climbing plants and vines and adds a touch of eclectic charm to any outdoor covered space.

You can also revamp an old wagon you may have to add some country charm to the garden.


Old tires are also a favorite. Paint them with some of your favorite colors, fill them with beautiful plants, flowers, and shrubs and display them in the yard and garden area to add some creative imagination to your property.

Old tires always make the ideal garden bed, and they are relatively easy to find because people are always trying to find ways to dispose of old tires.


Finally, if you have some old plant pots that you were going to throw out, why don’t you upcycle them instead? You can also use old baskets or other containers as planters. Simply pop out some drain holes in the bottom of the container so the water can drain out and you can turn practically anything into a functional planter for your garden.

With these ideas, there will be no shortage of imagination and creativity for you when it comes time to reimagine your outdoor patio and garden space. Take any of these ideas and add your own personal touch to create a space you will be proud to show off.

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