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Best Landscape Edging Material For Your Lawn in Austin, TX

Posted on April 7th, 2017

Best Landscape Edging Material For Your Lawn in Austin, TX

Edging can actually heighten the quality of your Austin yard & garden in order to create a magnificent focal point. Arguably any material can be utilized for edging. Metal, wood, stones and pavers are the most frequent used materials. One can easily find them in most garden centers and home improvement stores. Such material and type of edging that are used would rather complement the style of the house rather than clash. Following are some ideas for landscape edging that one can try.

Concrete or Brick Pavers in Austin, TX

Concrete or brick pavers are one of the most frequent landscape edging choices in Austin, TX. Normally, one can find them in a wide variety of colors, from brick red to off-white. Therefore, it is easy to match the house with them. They have a classic feel and look, they are relatively easy to install and they usually last for many years. One can use them around new beds or existing beds by digging some extra inches down & taking out the debris. A layer of sand will help to level them out as well as work as a cushion beneath it. One should ensure butting them up next to one another with a very minimal space in between. One should keep the pavers about one and a half inch above if they are laid flat so that the mower could glide over the pavers easily.

Stones used for edging in Austin, TX

Stone is a usual choice for edging material in Austin, TX. Stones come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, including stackable stones and rounded natural stones. The most natural looking edging material is the stone. It is perfect for less formal front yards and country settings. Common to all landscape edging, one should start with the preparation of the area prior to cleaning out the weeds, grass and additional dirt with a shovel. One can set stones in concrete in order to achieve a permanent edging or imbed stones in the sand for quick work.

Wooden landscape timbers in Austin, TX

The wooden landscape timbers are super inexpensive, a breeze to work with & very easy to find. One can leave them long or can use them around a long squared off the bed as straight lined edging. One can add some additional layers to ensure that landscape spikes hold them together.

Metal landscape edging in Austin, TX

Metal landscape edging are not as popular as the other types. Metal gives a subtle division between the front yard and the bed. This is to keep them separate. The metal edgings are generally aluminum or steel and both work well. However, the steel is heavier and after a certain period of time, it will rust & eventually would be replaced; whereas the aluminum is comparatively lighter, will never rust and will last longer.

Unconventional edging materials in Austin, TX

If the traditional landscapes don’t serve the purpose then one can consider using unconventional materials such as bowling balls, bottles and old garden hoses. These materials sometimes add a unique and interesting flair to your garden and yard.

Irrespective of the style of the house, one can always find a landscape edging material to enhance & compliment it. A creatively designed and well-landscaped yard adds a unique appeal to your home at a very small cost. Most edging is easy to maintain and install and one doesn't need to get a professional to do it.

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