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Maintaining Curb Apeal On A Tight Budget In Lakeway TX

Posted on March 1st, 2017

Maintaining Curb Apeal On A Tight Budget In Lakeway TX

Beautiful landscapes in Lakeway, TX do not always have to be an expensive affair. People with tight budgets can enjoy lovely landscapes too. Landscaping depends on creativity, maintenance, and cash flow. Every homeowner's budget should have an outcome that pleases them in the best way possible.

A homes first impression on first site is the landscape. The beauty and maintenance maintain the desirability of the property in Lakeway, TX. The prices of a property may go higher depending on how beautiful the property appears. This article will give you tips on how to maintain curb appeal on a tight budget.

Paint plastic containers

A small can of paint can add value to your boring flower pots and plastic containers. Cut plastic bottles and paint them with bright colors. Plant your flowers in the new flower pots and freshen up your space. By changing the color of something you already had makes it look new and adds curb appeal without spending much. Try changing the color of the door, or adding a new shade for your outside furniture.

Clean Up Garden Beds

Existing garden beds add a lot of attractiveness to your home in Lakeway, TX, but they can look unkempt during some seasons. Take time to clean your garden, uproot weeds, add mulch, tidy up and water your flowers. Use landscape pavers to re-edge the garden beds. Cut out the unnecessary branches to make the trees stand out in adding the allure of your curb with little or no budget.


Water bills are expensive and when you find a way to save its usage you take it up. Mulching saves water usages and plants replacement too. Additionally, the primary advantage that mulching offers is boosting a curb's appeal while saving you money at the same time. Many individuals think mulching is too much work but keeping your flower beds mulched will add to your curb appeal and make your home or business in Lakeway, TX more appealing.

Progressing maintenance

Create a routine for replacing dead plants, repairing and checking clogged drainages and leveling the ground which will save in costs in the long run. Letting dried leaves block the drainages will cost you money when the rainy season comes. Moreover, handling such small tasks in time keeps your curb appeal well maintained throughout.

Sod Renovations

Make your sod healthy, beautiful and always green by renovating from time to time. Sod renovation activities include: aeration, topdressing and seeding. These services will save you money and water consumption. Unlike an unkempt grass, a well-maintained yard utilizes less water, pesticides, and fertilizers. Everyone notices well-maintained grass as its aesthetically pleasing and eye catching.

Landscape management can be expensive and take a lot of time if not well and often managed. In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money while still maintaining high standards. Following the above tips and tricks, curbs can still look glamorous and good while you are working on a tight budget. A beautiful first impression does not have to be way out of your budget. A Little effort, creativity and a little bit of time can make your curb look great.

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