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Patios and Walkways

Posted on March 6th, 2018

Patios and Walkways

Your yard is your kingdom. The weather in Texas is perfect, almost year-round, taking advantage of the climate is what having a well-manicured yard is all about. Adding a patio or walkways to your landscaping can open up space and increase your home's utility.  


Barbecues, family gatherings, and calm Friday evenings can all be facilitated with the right landscaping. Finding a trustworthy local company that has a reputation for quality work. 


Opening Your Yard  

Do you spend hours at a time hanging out in your backyard? Do you like to barbecue or have parties? Building a patio could be the ideal addition. Let's take a look at the benefits such an improvement can have: 

  • Protect your lawn. 

    Enjoying your lawn can lead to the common problem of loving it to death. Hours spent walking between the grill and the house can quickly wear a path into the grass. Groups of people standing in one place can create dirt spots where nothing grows. These bare patches can become muddy puddles in even the smallest of rain showers. 

Proactively covering the most popular spaces can prevent damage and ugliness. It's more aesthetically pleasing to overlook a small patio than it is to observe a trampled lawn. If this sounds like your yard, take a good look at the most heavily used areas. What would it look like if brick or cement was there instead? 

  • Create more possibilities.

     Are you limited with what you can do with your property? Throwing a Super Bowl party with a backyard full of mud may not be the most pleasant experience. It's not as if the yard can be separated from the house. A dirty and cluttered backyard can lead to a messy home interior. If you have pets and kids, they will track mud into the house. This, in turn, creates limitations as to the kinds of activities you can engage in. 

Living with limitations is antithetical to the reasons behind owning property. Your yard should not be hidden and regulated like some kind of embarrassing secret. Laying down the right infrastructure can make your yard the foundation of a limitless backyard experience. 

  • Increase property value.

     Installing a patio and walkways in your yard can also increase your property value. Think of it like adding an addition to your house without having to create a new structure. Increasing the square footage of clean, flat, and usable space, even if it is outside makes your overall property larger and more useful. 

Thinking about selling your house? New landscaping is usually more affordable than remodeling the kitchen or bathroom. Installing simple walkways can be done in just a few days while leaving a relatively small footprint of construction-related damage, no dumpster required.  


What to Look for in a Patio 

No two patios are identical, understanding what to look for when installing one of your own can help narrow down the possibilities. Both the design and the materials are of equal importance to the overall success of any construction project. 

  • Patio design. 

    When deciding on what your patio should look like, identify the uses for it. Many people want to include specific things, like a fire pit. Will you be outside making fires or would installing a BBQ make more sense?  

What about your home. Will it connect to the back door or should the patio be farther `away? If this is the case, think about installing walkways to connect the patio to the house without the need to track dirt inside.  


  • Which materials to use. 

    Your budget and goals for the patio will dictate which materials are used to build it. Cement patios and walkways may be plain but they will hold up to the test of time. They can also be used as foundations to build more elaborate structures. Think water features and outdoor lighting. 

Brick is another popular option. It is more pleasing to the eye than concrete is but it retains the properties of a strong foundation.  Bricks also let you match the color to the rest of the property. 

There are plenty of other material options available to build your patio with. Creating your perfect yard can start with a simple idea. Having professional help can turn your dreams into a reality. Contact 512 Landscaping today and ask for a free estimate.  

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