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Taking Care of Your Trees

Posted on February 27th, 2018

Taking Care of Your Trees

Perhaps the most obvious botanical feature of your yard, the trees growing in it deserve just as much attention as the rest of your property. Proper maintenance can help increase their lifespan while keeping your property value high. Are you familiar with arbor care? Check out the following categories to see where your trees can be helped. 

Austin Texas is known for its trees. If you are experiencing arbor related issues, contact a professional at 512 Landscaping to discover the smartest way forward. 

Tree Assessment  

Trees are no joke. Heavy and tall, having one hang over your home can be a stressful situation. Hidden problems may also abound, these include rot, mold, even insect damage, understanding potential hazards is a necessary first step. Getting your tree(s) inspected is a good idea, especially if you suspect damage in the near future. 

  • Sick trees. If dead branches are visible or the foliage is unseasonably falling off, these are signs the tree may be sick. Tree experts will be able to diagnose the symptoms and provide a cure, if there is one. Many tree illnesses can be cured with a proper treatment cycle.  
  • Damage. Does your tree have damage? If large sections of the tree are rotted through, that's a good indication the tree could be unsafe. Scan the trunk and branches, looking for potential issues. If you spot any or suspect one, call in a professional to assess the danger.  
  • Over hanging branches. Maybe you don't want to fully remove a tree but only a few branches. Large dead branches can fall and destroy private property located beneath them.  Removing them before they become problems is generally the smartest option. 


Tree Pruning 

When removing branches, an improper procedure has the potential to kill the entire tree. Stripping excessive bark from the trunk opens it up to disease and fungus. Weaning shoes that puncture the bark in order to climb also makes the tree susceptible to infection.  

On top of the biological concerns for the tree there is also, logistical problems. Dropping a large tree branch is a dangerous proposition. A proper removal procedure involves ropes, pullies, and manpower, all working together to place the branch safely on the ground. Using a professional company can keep your property safe from potential damages from bad pruning services.  



After the removal of the trunk and branches, the stump is all that's left. When your yard is manicured in every way, an ugly stump in the middle of it doesn't look so good. Getting rid of the eye sore is easier said than done. Most likely, heavy machinery is needed. After such a labor-intensive project, the lawn will bear the scars of the removal. Using a landscaping company to remove the stump means any damage will be patched up and your yard will look new again.   



What to do with the tree once it's been cut down? Moving giant logs is inefficient and expensive. The quick efficient solution is to grind it up into woodchips. This requires a machine that has been built specially for the task. After creating the woodchips, they can be used as mulch in the rest of your yard. You can use your old tree to create improvements through your landscaping, just one more benefit a professional tree removal service can provide.  


Storm Damage 

Cleaning up your property after a massive storm can be hard to do. If large branches or even trees have fallen down, removing them by yourself can quickly turn into an impossibility. Professional tree services can move even the heaviest of limbs. It's not just about picking up large branches already on the ground, it's also about identifying problems because of the storm. Bringing in a professional crew to find dangerous  trees can prevent future problems.  


Always use a Professional Tree Service 

Tree care is not like cutting your lawn. There is potential for danger, damage, and unknown variables that make using professionals, the smartest option. Specialized machinery can alleviate much of the concerns. 

Trained individuals who understand trees can do the work required without damaging property. Protect your investment and take care of your trees the right way. Don't let a tree destroy your home, call 512 Lanscaping today.  

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