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4 Ways to Plant Ornamental Grass

Posted on April 27th, 2018

4 Ways to Plant Ornamental Grass

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to add some texture to your landscaping, then ornamental grass is a good option to consider.

Ornamental grass typically has narrow leaves and parallel veins and has been gaining in popularity over the years while becoming commonplace in most garden settings. It is so popular because ornamental grass can be used in a variety of different climates including colder climates and can withstand the fall and winter seasons in most locations. They can also effectively add some character to the yard and while decorative, can also serve a few practical uses and are very low maintenance additions that can be enjoyed for years.

The following are just a few ways you can plant ornamental grass:

Create a Walkway or Boundary

You can plant ornamental grass along a walkway or pathway to illuminate the path for anyone that visits. It also offers a very soft transitional texture between the hard edge of the walkway and the stone or planting beds that run adjacent. Using the ornamental grass for the walkway will effectively provide the area with a more natural appearance.

Create a Focal Point

Ornamental grass can be planted to create a stunning focal point for any landscaped yard. Most of the time, people landscape their yard to help maximize its appearance and appeal. If you have a low-growing plant bed, then the ornamental grass can stand out and provide some much-needed height and emphasis as well as a bit of color contrast for the other plants or flowers you already have in place.

Functional Advantage

Other than providing a pleasing setting for any yard, ornamental grass can also prove to be beneficial and functional when it comes to helping prevent soil erosion. If you are landscaping a hillside, ornamental grass will prove its weight because of the extensive root systems they maintain. Using native grass or a denser variety such as Mondo grass or blue fescue are all viable options for a slippery slope.

Use Decorative Containers

Finally, you should know, ornamental grass can also be planted into decorative containers and planters and strategically places around the yard for emphasis and drama.

Just as appealing in the containers as they are planted in the ground, you can choose from so many different sized containers and choose the color and style you want for your landscaping or garden. You can also use pots to create a more symmetrical look in the space, or you can stagger them for a more dramatic look and effect. The possibilities are endless.

When you layer a taller ornamental grass with shorter flowers or even ivy, you can create a very pleasing look for the yard. Another added benefit is being able to move the containers around when you want to create a distinctive look for the area. They are portable and easily moved. One last benefit of utilizing ornamental grasses in your yard is to attract the attention of birds and other small wildlife in the area.

They will find sanctuary among the tall grass, and if you add in a birdbath, you are creating an environment they will love to escape to. The presence of birds in the yard can also help eliminate any risk of an insect infestation as well. No matter what you choose to do with the ornamental grass, using it will help you create a breathtakingly beautiful setting with a natural and welcoming appearance for you, your visitors, and furry friends alike.

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