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Add Real Value To Your Home With A Garden

Posted on June 1st, 2018

Add Real Value To Your Home With A Garden

For many Texans, gardening is a passion.  Putting on those thick gloves, getting those knees dirty, and digging into that soil gives folks a chance to enjoy the outdoors and make the world a greener place one plant at a time.  However, that dedication to beauty and plant life can give you more than just the feeling of a job well done:  it also has a very real effect on your property value in Austin, Texas.


Boosting That Curb Appeal 

Improving the look of your home from the front curb has always had an effect on its value.  A full house appraisal looks at things like the foundation, the large kitchen appliances, the interior decorations, and the state of the backyard, but it all starts with the front of your home and the words “curb appeal.” You can improve your Austin home’s curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint and some regular maintenance on your porch, roof, and lawn, but by adding a garden your property value can go up from 6 to 13 percent. 


Even The Basics Can Help 

To be clear, a garden does demand more upkeep than a simple grass lawn.  However, if you add the right plants and garden features you can enjoy a good-looking front yard without having to worry too much about maintenance costs.  It all depends on how you and your landscaping specialist design your yard. 

If you add something like a patio, a gazebo, or a terrace, you’ll improve the look of your front lawn without adding a lot of maintenance.  Still, they will require a fresh coat of paint now and then and they’ll need repairs if they get damaged. 

Design your garden with your climate in mind.  The plants that grow naturally out in the fields behind your home will do just as well or better in a manicured garden.  Cacti and drought-resistant shrubs can look great in a dry environment, and if farmers grow wheat in your area a few long, amber stalks can make an interesting contrast to more colorful flowers and a green lawn. 

Trees are always an effective and low-maintenance option.  Just make sure you know what’s under your lawn before you plant one. 

Invest Wisely 

A professional landscaping job can cost a lot of money, but you can get that money back thanks to the greater value of your home.  As such, you shouldn’t overinvest, but you should be ready to spend some money if you want the best value growth.  As a rule, if your house started with a plain lawn then you should pay around 10 percent of the property value on front lawn improvements and maintenance. 

At 512 Landscaping, we have years of experience landscaping lawns in Austin, Texas to improve property values and to add to the enjoyment the owners feel when they look outside.  We understand how the climate affects different plants, so we can tell you just what to do to add color and texture to your home without demanding too much attention.  So if you want to improve your property’s value, contact us today. 

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