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Backyard Herbs to Grow to Make Tea

Posted on March 23rd, 2018

Backyard Herbs to Grow to Make Tea

If you enjoy fresh herbs, then you will probably love herbal tea as well. Did you know that herbal tea can be made using leaves, seeds, and roots of certain herbs that you can grow in the garden yourself?

Growing herbs to make tea is a simple process and consists of pouring boiling hot water over crushed herbs you have on hand in the garden and then allow to steep in the water to create a delicious herbal tea.

If you find that you don’t possess much in the way of a green thumb, but you still want to be able to take advantage and benefit from fresh herbs, then an herb garden is relatively easy to plant, grow, and maintain and doesn’t even require its own dedicated space in the garden.

A Few Tips to Follow When You Have an Herb Garden

  • It is best to harvest the herbs earlier in the day and after the dew has had the chance to dry up, but before the sun is at its peak, so the herbs are still cool
  • Picking the fresh herbs right before they bloom is ideal for the best taste
  • Always be gentle and careful when picking the herbs and do not crush the herbs until it is time to make the tea otherwise you can lose some of their essential oils that you can benefit from when using fresh herbs

What Kind of Herbs Can Be Used to Make Tea?

Lemon Balm has a very citrus and minty flavor and makes a great tea when you use at least a quarter of a cup of the fresh leaves. The fresh leaves will ensure that you get the best taste. Be sure to tear the leaves before steeping them for a full flavor herbal tea.

Lavender has a very floral aroma and is well known for its ability to help relax the body and provide relief from insomnia. To make this herbal tea, you should use the flower buds and allow them to steep for five minutes.

Fennel has a very warm touch and is reminiscent of licorice. To make this herbal tea, you will use the crushed seeds or leaves of the fennel. This tea is loaded with flavor and is also very aromatic.

Chamomile is another well-known herbal tea that has been found to have very calming properties which makes it a good tea to consume at night or after a hectic day. It has a fruity apple-like flavor and is made using the fresh or dried flowers from the chamomile plant.

Basil has a very clean and refreshing taste and to make a full-flavored herbal tea; you will only need a few leaves of basil.

Lemon verbena has a very strong lemon scent and can make a tasty herbal tea that can be served either hot or cold. It has been found to help with different ailments including aiding in digestion and helping to alleviate cold symptoms.

Mint is an herb with several different varieties including spearmint and peppermint that can be used to make a very refreshing herbal tea. Fresh leaves will allow a very full and strong flavor. However, even the dried variation is still pleasant and aromatic.

Rose hips are closely related to apples and crabapples and make a tea that is both fruity and floral. All you need to make this herbal tea is one or two hips that are then steeped in the boiling water.

A Few More Tips

Do not be afraid to combine some of your favorite herbs to create an herbal tea that is more suited to your taste. If all of the scents seem to go well together, it is safe to assume that the overall taste of the herbs together will also be delicious.

Finally, the longer you steep the tea, the more flavorful it will be. So, for a stronger tasting tea, allow it to steep for a bit longer to take advantage of the full flavor the herb should offer.

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