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How A Sprinkler System Adds To The Value Of Your Home

Posted on June 29th, 2018

How A Sprinkler System Adds To The Value Of Your Home

There are numerous reasons why installing an automatic sprinkler system could make sense this summer. The most obvious, of course, is that you will have a luscious lawn that is the talk of the town. But one component of an automatic sprinkler system is the value that it adds to your home. It’s merely an irrigation system – it couldn’t add a tremendous amount of value to your home, right? Wrong.

The Economics Of An Automatic Sprinkler System  

Sprinkler systems are related directly to costs, which is why they can drive up the value of your home. When a potential buyer hears that there is an automatic sprinkler system, they know they will be saving money in the long-term. The reduction of future expenses is often seen as a big selling point and is something for which buyers may be willing to pay more upfront.  

Automatic sprinkler systems can reduce future expenses because they:  

  • Use less water than manual sprinklers thanks to sensors and timers. Many sprinkler systems will also shut off when it rains, ensuring that they do not waste a drop of water. This can cut down on water bills significantly.  
  • Will reduce your lawncare expenses. Your lawn will be healthier, so you won’t have to spend as much on pesticides and fertilizer.  

Some automatic sprinklers can cut outdoor water usage by nearly a third. Others who already installed sprinkler systems indicated that they had saved up to 67% on their water bills. If a buyer is looking at House A, which has a sprinkler system and House B, which does not have a sprinkler system, they will likely factor in their long-term cost savings when making their bids, choosing to focus their attention on House A.  

Other Dynamics That Add Value  

Tom Ferstl is a real estate appraiser in Arkansas. He said that adding an automatic sprinkler system can improve the value of your home from an aesthetics purpose alone. That’s because it can be too much work to maintain a garden, but an automatic sprinkler system allows you to keep a beautiful lawn with minimal work. Thick green grass will almost certainly stand out to potential buyers. Your yard is one of the first impressions buyers will have of your home. Don't let the Texas heat destroy your yard.   

The convenience factor also cannot be overstated, as buyers recognize that they can find value in other parts of their lives when they don’t have to worry about their sprinkler. A manual sprinkler requires you to stop what you’re doing every few hours to move it. Otherwise, you’ll waste water and oversaturate your lawn. Automatic sprinklers allow you to set your irrigation cycle and forget about it. You could leave the house and carry about your day without thinking twice.   

Why Wait? Increase The Value Of Your Austin, Texas Home Today 

No matter the reason why you’re interested in increasing your home’s value, be sure to contact us at COMPANY today for all of your irrigation needs. Our team of experts can work with you to come up with a comprehensive sprinkler system design that will leave you satisfied. After surveying your yard, our experts will learn more about your budget and goals for the project.  

We understand that while you are investing in your home, you also have a budget that you need to meet as well. After gaining a sound understanding of your expectations for the project, they’ll design a sprinkler system with recommendations of what will work best for you. Once you approve the design, our team will get to work so that your irrigation system installation is quick and seamless.  

Austin Irrigation Systems

Summer here, which means there’s no better time to install an automatic sprinkler system. Give 512 Landscaping a call today! We look forward to working with you to increase the value of your home and spruce up your lawn.  


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