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Why An Irrigation System Makes Sense For Texans

Posted on July 19th, 2018

Why An Irrigation System Makes Sense For Texans

If you've stepped outside your home lately you may have noticed Summer has arrived, and this Texas heat is no joke. With temperatures in the 100s, your Austin lawn is in need of water. Keep your lawn beautiful, vibrant, and green this summer with an irrigation system. 


How Irrigation Helps Austin Lawns

• Irrigation systems are professionally installed, and we can program your timer system while we’re at it.  This means we can minimize the amount of water the system uses while maximizing its effect. 

• Thanks to a timer, you won’t have to spend any of your time in the early morning pulling sprinklers out, managing hoses, or waiting around to turn the water on or off. 

• Since irrigation systems are automatic, your plants will always have a good supply of water when there isn’t enough rain.  No need to rely on your memory or constantly set yourself notifications. 


Get The Right Timer For Your Garden 

Irrigation systems use timers to deliver water to gardens and lawns, but you can choose from between several timer options to find one that fits your needs.  A manual tap timer is the least expensive option, and while you have to turn on each irrigation tap to run the system, it turns off automatically.  An automatic tap timer turns on and off independently.  A fully automated system connects directly to the main water system, and while it’s the most expensive option, it also gives you the most control and options for every spout. 


Irrigation Works For Many Situations 

An irrigation system can water all kinds of plants, lawns, and gardens.  Your irrigation system can also help with trees and outdoor potted plants. Since you're from Texas you understand the weather is always unpredictable. One day you could experience flooding, the next day it feels chilly, and then you feel like you're physically melting outside. An irrigation system can take care of your lawn during all of the weather's changes. 

Let Us Help You

If an irrigation system sounds like a good fit for you, you should contact 512 Landscaping right away and set up a meeting.  We can help you figure out what works for your lawn and your budget, and after that, we can start installing your new irrigation system.  With our help, your Austin lawn and garden will look green all throughout the green season, and once you experience the convenience of irrigation you’ll never want to go back to traditional sprinklers again. 

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