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5 Landscaping Trends You Should Implement

Posted on July 25th, 2018

5 Landscaping Trends You Should Implement

Styles come and go for fashion, but in the world of landscaping, seasons control the latest trends.

Each year, landscaping trends change, and it’s important that you stay up-to-date on the latest exterior trends. Your landscaping project helps to improve your curb appeal, your property’s value, and the overall feel of the home. For 2018, we've compiled a list of trends that emphasize the gardens and landscapes that work best for your Austin, Texas home.


Vibrant Colors

Your green lawn is beautiful, but it’s missing something- a pop of color. While we all love a simple and elegant greenery, 2018 is calling for some color. You can improve your lawn’s quality with purple flowers, roses, and violets. Additionally, patterned plants are having their moment this year with their unique design. Whether you live in an Austin suburb or a busy neighborhood, be the envy of your street with head-turning colors.


Water Features

Water has been favored by many for it’s healing powers to the body, but it’s also a good addition to any backyard. A natural element such as a backyard water feature helps bring a more relaxed feel and look to your lawn. A trickling fountain is a must-have for 2018. While this is a pricier option, it’s an undeniable crowd pleasure and a beautiful landscaping feature.


Pet Customization

Did you know 68 percent of U.S. Households own a pet? With about 85 million families owning pets it’s no wonder one of 2018’s landscaping trends are pet landscaping. Your dog, cat or any other loving pets practically live in your yard, so why not cater to their needs? While a bed of roses is a perfect home accessory, your pet may not be a fan of their thorns.


Serenity Gardens

A serenity garden, or Zen garden, provides a space for Austin, Texas homeowners to relax and meditate. It is your own personal getaway area that a landscaper can design just for you. Because of the Texas heat, unlike others, you may want a shadier serenity garden. Hear the wind chimes, drown in the sound of water flowing, and take in the fresh smell of your favorite flowers.


Climate Control

As Texans, you understand that summer never really ends until mid-November. You also know that Texas weather is unpredictable. There could be a flash flood, followed by a heat advisory, and a chance of snow all in one week. This is why this 2018 you need climate-conscious landscaping. To cope with the extreme Texas seasons, landscapers can choose the right plants and outdoor features that’ll withstand any weather. The idea is for your back, or front yard to be able to withstand anything mother nature has to throw your way.

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