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6 Shrubs to Brighten Up Your Yard

Posted on April 19th, 2018

6 Shrubs to Brighten Up Your Yard

Shrubs are a very diverse and beautiful choice for the yard because of the vast array of different sizes, shapes, and foliage that they have to offer. The right kind of shrubs can turn any drab and mundane yard into a beautifully landscaped masterpiece worthy of all the spring colors.

Shrubs are very decorative but can also be useful. Depending on the shrub you get and its foliage, a larger sized shrub can create a pleasing transition between the larger elements of the property, such as the taller trees and ground covering, and they can help create soft boundaries on the property without being overwhelming or in the way.

The many colors also offer interesting, vibrant, and bright notes to the yard and positively enhance the landscape.

Winter Heath

While the Winter Heath does not begin flowering during the spring season, it will instead continue to bloom into spring from winter.

It is ideal for a zone-5 landscape and will begin to bloom during late fall. The flowers will stay through til spring.


Forsythia is a very common shrub that is adorned with very golden flowers in much abundance. One of the best signs that spring is here is when you see these large shrubs begin to bloom and flourish.

Flowering Quince

Even more stunning when placed in a locale with Forsythia, Flowering Quince offers a very vibrant color that matches well with the Forsythia’s golden hues. Its reddish, orange color is multi-dimensional and as it blooms will add much value to the yard. However, when it is not blooming, it does not offer any color or vibrancy whatsoever.

Japanese Rose

If you are looking for a shrub that produces bright yellow colors and will offer a more sophisticated look for your landscaping, then Japanese Rose is a welcomed addition.

It is actually not even a rose, technically, but it is still a member of the rose family.


For flowers that provide a pop of color in combination with a sweet scent, then Daphne is what you need. Among its other selling features, you will find variegated leaves and foliage that is more or less evergreen.

These small flowers will give the yard a small pop of white and light pink and look good against the dark evergreen foliage.

Stewartstonian Azalea

Azaleas are a very popular spring flower and incredibly common in North America. It is a shrub that produces very bright and vibrant reddish flowers that offers some fall color in early spring.

How to Choose A Shrub

When you begin the task of choosing which shrubs would best suit your yard, you will want to consider a few elements:

  • How bright and showy are the flowers of the shrub
  • How interesting in appearance is the foliage
  • How hard would it be to maintain and care for
  • How resistant to diseases are these shrubs
  • What are the best seasons for these shrubs

As with any other plant you were to purchase, you will also want to pay special attention to the needs and requirements of the shrub as well.

How much light or shade will they need to flourish? How regularly should they be watered? How big will they get once they are planted?

Finally, how much space will they need to grow and how far apart does each need to be from the others?

Once you decide on the shrub and learn a few things about it to make sure you will be able to properly care and maintain the shrubs, you are well on your way to a beautifully bold and vibrantly colored landscape.

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