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Eight Best Fall Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard

Posted on September 3rd, 2018

Eight Best Fall Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard

With summer ending in Austin, it’s time to start thinking about Fall landscaping. Fall landscaping can be just as colorful and interesting as summer landscaping if you have a good plan. If you are looking for ways to ass some seasonal touches to your yard, we have some great ideas for you to consider:

Add Colorful Foliage

Autumn leave colors can bring the beauty of the season to your yard. There are a variety of great trees and shrubs that can add bursts of red, yellow, and orange to your landscaping. Also, Fall is the perfect time to upgrade your landscaping and plant new trees and shrubs.

Incorporate Fall Annuals

Fall annuals can bring touches of color around your yard. Mums, flowering cabbages, autumn sage, and asters are all cold hardy plants perfect for fall. These can bring a pop of brightness to your garden beds and planters.

Add Seasonal Decor

Adding pumpkins, cornucopias, and scarecrows can create a seasonal feel. Line your walkways and garage, highlight your porch, and decorate patios and decks with these fun festive items to really celebrate Fall. These decorations will also help you enjoy your backyard spaces with any guests.

Think About Hardscaping

Landscaping is more than just adding plants, it’s also about adding garden architecture known as hardscaping. Hardscaping can give you beautiful spaces to entertain and explore your property. It’s a great time of year to add a new patio, walkways, and brick trim and edging.

Add A Firepit

There is nothing cozier than sitting around the bonfire on a cool Fall night and telling ghost stories. Adding a backyard fire pit to your patio can let you enjoy this a warm fire every night with your friends and family.

Add A Stunning Garden Entrance

Adding a beautiful gated entrance to your garden can really create a welcoming space. Imagine how beautiful your fall yard will look with a wrought iron or wooden gate decorate with fun Halloween and Thanksgiving decor.

Add A Pergola, Trellis, Or Arbor

One of the best things about Fall is you can really upgrade your landscaping without disturbing your garden beds. If you’ve ever dreamed about having a pergola over your patio or a trellis or arbor in your garden, now is a great time to add one. There are even some beautiful fall annual vines that can be added to really make this a beautiful fall feature.

Clean Up Your Space

With the leaves falling and the wind blowing plant debris, your beautiful seasonal yard can lose its appeal quickly. Keeping your landscape clean can really help you enjoy your yard during this beautiful season.

At 512 Landscaping in Austin, TX, we can help you create a landscaping plan that you will enjoy year round. We can help you pick plants with gorgeous year-round foliage, add features to your deck and patio, and even offer a service to keep your yard clean and pristine year-round. To update your Austin landscaping this Fall, contact us for a free estimate.

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