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Five Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For Brick Buildings

Posted on September 13th, 2018

Five Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For Brick Buildings

Brick buildings are gorgeous. They have a stately presence, beautiful masonry, and wonderful historic feel. Landscaping around your brick buildings can really highlight their beauty. If you have a brick home or office in Austin and are looking to enhance the beauty, 512 Landscaping can help. Here are five ideas for landscaping we can do around your brick building:

Balance Hard And Soft

Brick buildings are beautiful, but the can be very hard looking. This is especially true when there is a long expanse of brick like a large wall. Adding softness with plants around these areas can create a beautiful balance between the hardness of the brick and the softness of the foliage. This can make your building look more inviting.

Add Climbing Vines

Nothing highlights the beauty of brick, then gorgeous cascading vines. Here are some of the best vines to pair with brick.

Clematis: Clematis is a beautiful vine with large flowers that come in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some varieties of clematis can climb 20ft, so they are perfect for multi-story brick buildings.

Virginia Creeper: If you want something that brings color in the spring, summer, and fall, Virginia Creeper is perfect. In the spring and summer, the foliage is a stunning shade of green and in the fall it turns a bright fire engine red.

Trumpet Vines: Trumpet vines have beautiful flowers that look like trumpets. Like Clematis, these flowers also come in a variety of size, shapes, and colors. They look beautiful against the brick and also attract hummingbirds.

Design With Shadows

One of the unique things about brick is you can design with light and shadow as well. As the sun changes positions in the sky, the ways shadows cast against the brick can create visual interest. A well-placed tree or line of shrubbery can create this stunning effect.

Add Planters

Though intricate in their design, long stretches of brick along walls can create a monotony of pattern. A great way to break up this monotony and add visual interest is with planters. Planters can add a sense of architectural structure, will breaking up the lines and softening visual impact. Concrete and pedestal planters are especially good for this purpose.

Play With Contrasting Colors

Brick is typically found in shades of reds and reddish-brown. If you trace across the color wheel, green is the contrasting color. Balancing the reds against the contrast of green can create a stunning color story. The reds will look richer and the greens will look brighter. Choosing the perfect complementary among the variety of green foliages takes the skilled and artistic eye of an expert landscaper.

These are just some of the many ways the landscaping experts at 512 Landscaping in Austin can help you highlight your brick buildings. If you’d like to see more ideas, contact us at our Austin office. We’ll help go over some ideas to for your property and give you a free, no obligation quote. Contact us today!

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