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Give Your Yard A Makeover This Summer

Posted on July 13th, 2018

Give Your Yard A Makeover This Summer

There is no better time than the summer to consider what a makeover can do for your landscape in Austin  

Many take one look at their yard and suddenly develop feelings of overwhelm. A look at a few landscaping trends can really help to break down what should be done, what can be done, and just how your yard can benefit from a little creative thinking.  

6 Ideas For A Fresh Summer Landscape Makeover  

There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from the latest landscaping trends. 6 ideas for a fresh summer landscape makeover include:  

Go native 

Especially if you’re inexperienced in taking care of plants and flowers, you can never go wrong with a selection of native plants in Austin. Plants and flowers native to your area have adapted to the natural summer climate, so you need not worry about fighting the elements to keep your landscape beautiful and alive. Native plants typically require a lot less watering, which saves time and money.  

Bring in a little light  

Your landscape doesn’t have to become invisible once the sun goes down. Incorporating light into your landscape can create an entirely new look, and one can think of it like “going from day to night”, but for your yard. Small solar powered lights are eco-friendly and can be used to add lighted elements all throughout your space.  

Get structured  

Adding structural elements can really add depth to your landscape and provide something interesting in a simple way. Small trees and shrubs with unique shapes, box hedges, and sphere bushes really draw the eye.  

Color and fragrance  

When crafting a landscape, color and fragrance are going to give you your two very elegant pops. With color, you’re drawing the eye to your landscape and allowing the eye to travel naturally throughout all of the elements involved. With fragrance, you’re providing a whole new sense element, and giving your landscape a way to feel all-encompassing.  

Bring in water  

With color and fragrance you’re taking care of two of the five senses, so why not throw in a third? Water not only looks beautiful as part of your landscape, but a fountain or fresh pond can also add in the sound of soothing babbling water.  

Bring in wildlife  

Seeing wildlife enjoy your landscape is a special little treat in Austin, and you can craft your makeover to be as attractive to them as it is to you. Butterfly bushes, bumblebee friendly flowers, and structures to attract hummingbirds are perfect additions that bring wildlife to you naturally.  

Your Summer Oasis  

Your yard is your own personal oasis, and there is no time like the present to really make something that makes this feeling true. With professional landscaping services, you can work side by side with a professional in dreaming up the perfect landscape, and see that dream realized before your eyes. To learn more about current landscaping trends or creating your own perfect landscape, contact the company to get started today.  

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