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Improve Your Backyard With A Little Water

Posted on June 15th, 2018

Improve Your Backyard With A Little Water

Landscaping your Austin, Texas backyard is both an art and a science. It’s an art because you want your yard to look as good as possible throughout the year, and it’s a science because you need to know what plants grow in your area, how to keep them looking good, and how to maintain the yard and any fixtures or electronics you’ve installed.  Water fixtures, for one, need a fair amount of care and attention, but they can add a lot to your backyard experience. 


Aesthetic Benefits 

Water fits naturally into any garden.  A natural garden could get a small pond with rocky borders and small, concealed waterfall.  A garden with a geometric, modern look could use a programmable fountain as a centerpiece. 

Water creates a contrast to the texture of grass and the colors of flowers while remaining a natural extension of any landscape.  It can also enhance a section of your garden by being an obvious extension of the bushes and perennials. 

Water attracts animals like waterfowl on their annual migration.  It can also serve as a home for beautiful fish.  However, water also attracts mosquitoes so make sure you disturb the surface with a fountain or waterfall. 


Practical Benefits 

A water fixture can sit on a low point on your property, a place where rainwater tends to flow naturally.  You may have a hard time keeping the lawn or a garden from drowning, but a pond fixture will work fine and look perfectly natural. 

Water makes us calmer.  Psychologists still don’t understand why but the effects are undeniable.  Floating in water is soothing, and even just listening to it gurgle down a stream, rush down a waterfall, or crash against a beach can calm us down.  If you want a relaxing backyard, a small water fixture can go a long way. 


Personal Benefits 

Koi ponds and other water fixtures with fish require regular attention to keep the fish fed and keep the water chemistry just right for the fish to survive.  It takes some work, but many people enjoy keeping fish as a hobby. 


Personalized Options

There are plenty of backyard waterfalls and fountains you can buy, plus when you work with professional landscapers you can turn those basic devices into ponds, pools, and streams that perfectly fit into your backyard’s aesthetic.  A water fixture can go a long way to giving your backyard that personal touch that lets people know this is your property. 


Enhance Your Austin Yard

If you want the best experience possible, contact 512 Landscaping and find out what we can do to maximize your enjoyment while minimizing the amount of maintenance you’ll need to put in to keep that fixture working.  With the right approach, a good eye for details, and a landscaping company with the right tools and expertise, you can really improve your Texas backyard by just adding water. 

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