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Pool Landscaping Wihout The Debris

Posted on June 25th, 2018

Pool Landscaping Wihout The Debris

A backyard pool let's you cool down in this Texas heat, get some low-impact exercise, and serves as a centerpiece for house parties.  It can also turn your Austin property into a green oasis, a haven full of perfectly sculpted garden plants, covered patios, and possibly an outdoor kitchen or grilling station.  However, while a garden can look great, it becomes a burden when you have to scoop its leaves out of your pool.  Fortunately, if you plan your landscape just right, you can have your garden and your pool without worrying about debris.


Understand Your Priorities in Austin, Texas

When you’re first planning out how your backyard will look once you’ve installed the pool and finished adding gardens and plants, you should decide what’s important to you.  Do you want plenty of direct sunlight, or do you want tall trees and bushes that can screen the rest of the world out and offer plenty of shade?  Are you worried about a lot of debris falling into your pool, or do you have automatic systems or a pool cleaning contract that will deal with these problems?  The answers to these questions will help you pick the right plants.


Create The Perfect Picture

Aside from function, you should also think about the form of your backyard.  Bright flowers attract pollinators like bees, so you may want to think twice before you add too many of them to your yard.  However, several blooming plants like marigolds and chrysanthemums don’t rely on bees, making them a good option if your home offers the right soil and climate for them. 


Plan A Complicated Garden With Simple Maintenance

A wide patio surrounding your pool can create a buffer between your plants and the water. This means less plant litter and grass clippings in the water.  However, you should remember to clean the patio regularly since just about any organic material can stain the stones if you leave them for too long.

If you keep stacks of organic materials like mulch, pine straw, or compost, make sure it can’t blow into the pool or get brought in by wet feet. Generally speaking, the closer a plant is to your pool, the better it should be at hanging onto its leaves.

Avoid dark pavement by the pool: it’s hotter when you’re walking around barefoot and it heats the nearby plants at night, drying them out. Don’t forget to plan for how your garden will look after dark. You can really enhance your experience with ambient pool lighting, a few well-placed lamps in the garden, and even a few tree-mounted lights.


Beautiful Landscaping

At 512 landcaping, we make customer satisfaction a priority.  Our experience with landscaping lets us understand which regional plants look best and which ones behave themselves around backyard swimming pools. If you want an expert’s help with making your pool and garden look perfect, contact us right away so we can get started.

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