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Tips for Maintaining Your Irrigation System

Posted on May 10th, 2018

Tips for Maintaining Your Irrigation System

Irrigation is a helpful way to control the amount of water that is used to water plants at regular intervals. However, you may find that using an irrigation system may pose some problems or challenges for you in the process.

A Few Facts About Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems require maintenance to ensure that they are working properly and providing a uniform water application in the right areas. You will want to check sprinkler heads to ensure they are in proper working order. Make sure they are not tilted, below grade, plugged, or operating at the wrong pressure levels. It is also important to regularly inspect the underground sprinkler system annually to help locate any problems or areas in which you may find potential problems in the future. Maintaining your irrigation system takes work. Let a professional do it for you. 

Irrigation Maintenance 

The following are a few other things to look for when inspecting the irrigation system:

  • Do you see any instances of broken spray heads, sprinklers, or sprinkler bodies? If so, they should immediately be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the size requirements
  • Do you have any missing sprinkler filters? If not, are the current filters clean and need to be replaced?
  • Check the sprinkler heads to make sure they are in the correct position. If you find a tilted sprinkler head, it may be because it is positioned on a large root underground. 
  • Look at the top of the irrigation sprinkler head and determine if it is parallel to the slope of the lawn. Sprinkler bodies should be adjusted to a level position. If it is a sloping lawn, then the level bubble should be on the upside of a sprinkler.
  • Check the spacing for the sprinklers to be sure it is appropriate for the sprinkler heads you are using. If the spacing is off at all, then you are not going to be able to provide uniform coverage for the area. 
  • Check for any damaged parts such as broken nozzles and spray heads so that they can be replaced.
  • Check the valve boxes to see if they are either too high or too low. If the valve boxes are too high, then one can easily trip over them. 

A Few More Tips and Advice

If everything visually looks okay, but you are still experiencing problems, it would be in your best interest to contact 512 Landscaping. These issues can contribute to inadequate water flow.

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