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Rid Your Backyard of Chiggers

Posted on April 4th, 2018

Rid Your Backyard of Chiggers

Chiggers are tiny, practically microscopic mites that can be found in the yard and they are also very closely related to spiders and tend to make their homes in grasses and bushes all over the country.

There are many other names for these small pests including berry bugs and harvest mites just to name a couple. They are so small that they can easily go unnoticed for lengthy amounts of time. By the time they are noticed, it may be too late, and they may be all over the place.

Identifying Chiggers

First thing first. You will want to learn how to identify chiggers. One of the best ways to begin to identify if it is chiggers in your lawn, you can examine any bites you may have. The larvae are what feed on a host. After a few days, they will fall off, but they will leave small and itchy bumps on your skin in their wake.

While the marks will typically heal by themselves without any intervention, you should still clean the area with warm water and soap just in case any chiggers may have been left behind on the skin.

Cleaning the area will rid the skin of any stragglers and may even help with any itching you may experience. For further itch relief, topical creams such as hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion will work wonders.

To determine if it is chiggers, you can also look and see if you can find any yellow or red dots around the rim of a bowl of water you leave out in the yard. Keep in mind, however, that due to their smaller size, you may require a magnifying glass in order to see these dots.

Cut and Maintain the Yard

To get rid of chiggers one of the best ways to accomplish this is by maintaining the yard and getting rid of any places they may be hiding. Make sure you regularly mow the lawn and cut down and trim any bushes you have on the property.

You should also take the time to clear away any weeds, tall grass, and brambles to effectively rid the yard of chiggers and keep them off your skin.

Wash Your Clothing

It is also important that you wash all the clothing you have that may have been exposed to any chiggers while you were in the yard. You will want to make sure that all the chiggers have been removed, so they do not make it back to the yard that you are trying to treat.

To do this, simply wash all the clothing in hot water and doing so will kill off any chiggers that may have remained on the clothing and will keep them from making it back to their hiding spot in the yard.

A few more tips to help rid your backyard of chiggers:

  • Remove any leaves that may have accumulated on the property
  • Trim and prune any plants you have
  • Remove brush piles immediately and do not allow them to sit on the property for too long
  • Eliminate any shade in the yard to help kill off chiggers. They prefer cool and shaded areas, so they will avoid any areas in the yard that have a lot of bright sunlight

You can also use pesticides, but you should only treat the areas of the yard that you know you have chiggers and you need to follow all instructions and warnings because pesticides can be harmful to humans and animals.

You will want to keep all children and pets out of the area that is being treated.


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